About & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Bergen West Football Club mission is to develop successful, well-rounded individuals who exhibit good sportsmanship, ethical and moral behavior. We aim to leverage the challenges and life lessons of striving for excellence in competitive soccer into molding young people to understand the value of teamwork, sportsmanship and hard work while fostering an environment that allows players to reach their full potential and love for the game.

Club Structure

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    Grassroots (5-7 Years)

    Grassroots is our introductory program for young players to fall in love and learn the fundamentals of the game.

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    Recreation (7-14 Years)

    Recreation is our way of providing education and fun in a relaxed environment for players who just want to enjoy the game without the commitment of high-level soccer.

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    EDP (8-18 Years)

    EDP is our focused level of play for players looking for dedicated, committed soccer experience. With two levels of competition from EDP Championship to EDP Premier, this is a progressive level that aims to prepare players for a higher level of commitment.


    USYS Mid Atlantic (11-18 Years)

    USYS Mid Atlantic is one of the region’s highest levels of competition and a great opportunity for players to show their talent and ability.

By offering players a structured, stable and progressive pyramid of development, we as a club are able to provide the highest level of education and dedication to all players whilst challenging and maintaining steady growth throughout each player's youth career..

Our Goal

To create and offer high quality programs within a positive learning environment for players of all levels, while providing a proven pathway for those whose goal is to play at the highest level.

We encourage our teams to take risks by playing negative balls and moving the ball around the defensive third of the field allowing us to control the tempo and dictate the game. We like to build out of the back with an objective to pull opposing teams into our half creating space in the offensive half to attack. We encourage our players to be creative in the offensive half utilizing our technical skill moves to beat our opponents 1 v 1 or identifying numerical advantages and executing the play.

As we build up out of the back our goal is to get in behind the opposing team whether that be with combination play or with the play going into our wide players to create crosses in behind the defense ultimately scoring a goal. Our style of play is very structured and organized on and off the ball and prepares players to understand the roles of each position. We want our players to“ Let the ball do the work”, meaning we want the ball moving 1-2 touch not by dribbling, but by passing, not allowing the defensive team to adjust to our team attack. Our main focus is to keep possession of the ball more than our opposing team and through our possession create great scoring opportunities.